We have a good time at every event we attend. We enjoy each others company and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a few of our moments with us.

Scott and Larry drying their                     BUSTED!!               If you cant stand the heat, visit
tears after not winning a                 Sleeping on the job       Larry, he will be happy to pour  trophy at Sevierville.                                                                  water over your head too.

Some of Larry's Dances. We always look forward to his sense of humor and his dancing.
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OH NO!!! Its Darth Vader         RUN JIM RUN... Its not too         OK, now you waited too late
and I think he sees our            late, you can still get away.      Dont worry, no one was
boy Jim....                                 Pull out your light Saber.           harmed during the making
                                                                                                  of this screenplay.

      BREAKING NEWS!!!!!

     Spectators at a PT Cruiser show in Myrtle Beach South Carolina sat in horror on Saturday as they watched what was reported to be a "Big Foot". Spectators stated that they could hear a muffled groan that sounded like the big foot creature was saying "food food  food as it chased a flock of defenseless ducks. The creature finally ended his horrifying rampage when one of the ducks turned and screeched at him. This screech scared the creature back into the woods where it had came from.

Scott shares his sense of humor with the captions on the following pictures. These are halarious.

Porky's mad about what someone said about his Larry the cable guy shirt! Sonja says don't touch my Pt! Scott says do I have shoes on? Jim says is this a Chair? and Besty is laughing at us! Notice you can't see Larry because of me thats amazing.

Porkys laughing about me finding that my shoes were on my feet. Yes that is a Diet Coke in my hand! Sonja says that Larry's twin is sitting behind him !


                                            FAMILY PORTRAITS
                                       Notice how much the family is growing.
            July 2009                               August 2009                         September 2009
         October 2009

The Fritts Family

Enjoy the music of the Fritts Family. Visit their website and listen to five complete songs including:
1. Are You Prepared
2. Big Forked River
3. The Willows are Crying
4. My Lord Might Come Anytime
5. I Still Think of You Sometimes


          Larry is not the only dancer in the group. Watch as Scott cuts and Irish rug.....
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Oh Spring, Oh Spring, Oh Spring has Sprung.......
The Flowers they Bloom, The Bees they Hum.......
I'm Stuck in Here, And it's Purdy Outside.......
I Should've been a Farmer, Like Great-Uncle Clyde.....
When it got Cold, And the Leaves they Died.......
He set by the Far, My Great Uncle Clyde.......
By: L. Fritts (The Hillbilly Poet)